Keep banking records confidential and secure

Financial institutions are responsible for the large volumes of physical and digital assets related to their clients’ investments and monetary transactions.

As such, businesses and consumers rely on their banks, credit unions, stock brokerages and chosen retailers to keep their information confidential and secure, while maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations.

Any failure to do so can result in the loss of client confidence, reputation damage and regulatory fines and sanctions, making strict adherence to thorough records management policies a necessity.

Document Management for Banking and Finance

Access provides a full suite of document management solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of forward thinking financial institutions seeking a partner with earned experience specific to their industry and proven global expertise.

Our comprehensive solutions include:

  • Physical and digital asset storage
  • Secure destruction and disposal services
  • File scanning and indexing assistance
  • Prompt document retrievals

Partner With Us

We work closely with our clients to establish customized programs that can increase efficiency while meeting internal information governance policies and the industry’s stringent regulatory requirements.

We help banks, investment firms, credit card issuers and all related businesses increase their competitive advantage by ensuring that their clients feel safe.

Want more?

Discover how we can help ensure your compliance with applicable state and federal regulations as well as your information governance policy.

Learn about our Mortgage and Loan Records Management and Merger and Acquisition Services.