Is your data and document storage secure, compliant, and accessible enough for your needs?

With sound information governance (IG) plans, policies, and procedures in place, make sure you have the tech you need to manage it. We’ll assess your tech stack to ensure that the retention schedule and other key compliance needs are supported. Safe and secure technology is imperative to the success of a comprehensive IG program.

Our information systems assessment service will review:

  • Existing records and information management (RIM) IT systems and their respective access and use mechanisms
  • Candidate systems when a new Content Service Platform (CSP) is considered

After completing your assessment, you’ll get a recommendations report outlining issues found and how to fix them.

An IG Technology assessment might be right for you if you are concerned with:

  • Security and privacy of data in electronic systems
  • Uncertainty around systems alignment with privacy and security policies, or the IG policy (ex. audit trails, PII, etc.)
  • Unstructured data inventory and management in SharePoint or other data repositories
  • Efficiencies and cost reductions in server storage capacity
  • Reducing your electronic data load

If your organization is considering a new or ECM/ERMS/EDMS solution, we can help with:

  • Developing selection criteria
  • Third party objective advice in partner selection
  • Insight, negotiation and contracting
Team of office workers collaborating on digital technology.
Access employee delivering secure documents in an Access document box.

Why choose Access?

Look to Access and Montaña & Associates as your trusted advisor regarding RIM or IG related technology, enterprise content and document management systems. Whether you’re considering new applications or looking to optimize existing technologies, we’ve got you covered.

Our IG Technology Assessment service drives meaningful value by creating alignment with core IG practices and existing governance challenges. It also helps streamline information governance throughout organizations.

A Full Range of Information Governance Solutions

Our full-service information governance process begins with a comprehensive audit and assessment of existing records management policies, processes, and documentation. We then create and implement a unique information governance program to address gaps, shore up weaknesses, address change management, and create a roadmap for successful execution.

Records Retention Schedules

The backbone of a defensible records and information management program is a sound retention schedule. We’ll help you create a comprehensive, state-of-the-art schedule that meets all regulatory and operational requirements.

Information Governance Policy

A consistent set of IG policies in support of a retention schedule is crucial to effectively control, protect, and manage your company’s information. Feel daunting? It’s easy to get started with the right people in the room.

Program Implementation

To best implement and manage a great RIM program you need a strong information governance foundation. Program implementation starts with understanding the state of existing IG policies, and the degree of compliance across your organization.

Legacy Records Management

Legacy records can create many challenges. Save time, space, money, and headaches with document digitization services that archive paper records electronically. You don’t even have to touch every file.

Regulatory Compliance

The regulatory environment continues to evolve quickly as privacy concerns amplify. We’ll help you create a centralized document management program that ensures compliance with your IG policies, and with regulations like HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, SOX, and more.



Your Complete Information Management Solution

In April 2019 we acquired Montaña & Associates, a leader in information governance (IG) consulting. For more than 20 years Montaña have specialized in retention policy and schedule creation, and holistic IG support including compliance and data privacy. With Access’ expertise in records and information management, this strategic partnership creates a full-service approach to the entire information lifecycle.

Bridging Records Management Software and Retention Scheduling Software

LexiTrac Logo

LexiTrac is a revolutionary retention schedule development and management tool. Powered by AI, this software makes the crushing volume of complex data manageable, secure, and legally compliant.

LexiTrac provides:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly retention schedule development
  • Retention schedule management, including ongoing legal and regulatory updates
  • Access to tens of thousands of functionally organized U.S. and global information compliance rules, laws, regulations, standards, and guidelines
  • Coverage in more than 110 countries
  • Information governance reports to show privacy concerns, data location restrictions, media requirements and ethics guidance
  • Electronic systems data mapping
  • Workflow functionality to support internal management processes

FileBRIDGE Records Logo
FileBRIDGE Records, a cloud-based records management solution, enables organizations to access, protect, and defensibly control both physical and digital documents.

With FileBRIDGE Records, record managers gain access to:

  • Physical and digital document management
  • Comprehensive file security
  • Real-time reports and metrics
  • Project and schedule management
  • Destruction management
  • Intelligent retention and data governance
  • Onsite and offsite inventory management
  • Enhanced inventory search and ordering capabilities
  • Broad range of reporting options at your fingertips
  • Chain-of-custody and governance adherence
  • Capability on any device

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