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What is Information Governance, or IG?

“Information Governance is all the rules, regulations, legislation, standards and policies with which organizations need to comply when they create, share and use information.” – Chris Walker, VP of AIIM Canada

In essence, IG is everything having to do with the formation, utilization, storage and deletion of information – whether it is a document, electronic content or any other form of record. 

In addition to records management, IG draws on legal, risk and IT expertise for a holistic approach to protecting, using and driving value from an organization’s information.

The digital world has led to an information explosion.

Data privacy questions are on the rise with extra focus on big data, analytics, and e-discovery – what records should be kept and for how long? 

Records and information managers face increasingly complex compliance laws, regulations, and information governance policies of both digital documents and paper records throughout your organization – whether they are stored onsite, offsite, or in the cloud.

With a managed partner you can help your organization:

  • Discover what documents you have, their location, and how long to keep them
  • Increase operational efficiency through process automation
  • Enforce consistent classification, retention and disposal policies
  • Comply with regulations and mitigate litigation risk

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FileBRIDGE Governance

FileBRIDGE Governance, a cloud-based records management solution, enables organizations to access, protect and defensibly control both physical and digital documents.

With FileBRIDGE Governance, record managers can gain access to:

  • Real-time dashboards
  • Built-in workflows to preserve chain of custody
  • Comprehensive legal holds
  • Smart bar coding
  • Combined shipments
  • Transactional integrations with popular off-site record storage providers
  • Analytics to transform operational data into strategic information
  • Capability on any device

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Retention Scheduling

The backbone of a defensible records and information management program is an organization’s retention schedule. In partnership with Montaña & Associates, the leader and respected authority in the development of both domestic and global retention schedules, we can assist your organization:

  • Create and manage a comprehensive, state-of-the-art retention schedule
  • Meet all regulatory and operational requirements
  • Configure your information within technological capabilities and limitations.

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LexiTrac is a revolutionary retention schedule development and management tool. This software makes the crushing volume of complex data manageable, secure and legally compliant.

LexiTrac provides:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly retention schedule development
  • Retention schedule management, including ongoing legal and regulatory updates
  • Access to tens of thousands of functionally organized U.S. and global information compliance rules, laws, regulations, standards and guidelines
  • Coverage in more than 110 countries
  • Information governance reports to show privacy concerns, data location restrictions, media requirements and ethics guidance
  • Electronic systems data mapping
  • Workflow functionality to support internal management processes

We handle documents for 30,000 businesses across North America.

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