The Challenge

  • Manage records circulation and retention across the county on a single system
  • Perform record searches, quickly and easily
  • Scale their system to handle records for an increasing population
  • Access records from a central database, from all points in the county

The Solution

OmniRIM® Enterprise Web-Based Software for active and inactive records management

The Results

  • Successful online management of over 65,000 records
  • Extension of benefit and shared costs among neighboring municipalities
  • Compliance with The Ontario Municipal Records Management System

About The County of Middlesex

Industry: Municipal Government
Municpality Size: 71,551 (2016)
Location: Ontario, Canada

"OmniRIM software allows all municipalities in our county to maintain autonomy of their records management, while being actively part of a unified records management system.”Don Hudson, Clerk-Treasurer


The County of Middlesex is a vibrant and growing community of 64,000 residents situated in South Western Ontario, Canada. Middlesex is the upper-tier municipality of the county, which is comprised of eight member(lower-tier) municipalities. Middlesex County was managing their records with various systems, such as Excel® and Quattro
Pro®spreadsheets. Records had to be classified and maintained on spreadsheet lists, a slow and laborintensive process. Without a unified system in place, systematic management and retention of records across the county would have been difficult and costly to implement.

The legacy system left Middlesex County unable to fully comply with The Ontario Municipal Records Management System, a file classification scheme and retention schedule widely used throughout Ontario.

As Middlesex County grew larger every year, Middlesex recognized that only a scalable, reliable, and unified records management system would allow them to manage growth now and in years to come. The County also saw a unique opportunity to reduce public expenditures with a records management system that is Web-based. A Web-based system would make it possible for Middlesex County to host records for the lower-tier municipalities in the geographical area, and share operating costs.

“We are now able to manage all records, and integrate a retention schedule that complies with legislative authority.”Don Hudson, Clerk-Treasurer

A State-of-the-art Solution

After careful review, Middlesex County made a strategic decision to purchase OmniRIM® Enterprise Web-Based Software. OmniRIM’s Web-based program allows
Middlesex County to index and manage all active and inactive records, throughout their life cycle, quickly and easily over the Web. Implementation of a unified records inventory management and retention schedule across the county was made simple, because those are unified features in OmniRIM software. OmniRIM provided Middlesex  County with all the training, system designs, and conversion services required. These additional services ensured that the transition to the new system went smoothly and with minimum disruption to the administration’s staff.

Middlesex County now has a state-of-the-art records management solution for both its current mission-critical records and its archived records. The level of service to the County and its taxpayers has improved markedly,because the OmniRIM software allows for quick and efficient retrieval of important records. The County saves money because the administrative staff finds the new software easy to use.

Simplified records management with reduced operating costs

Middlesex County now manages over 65,000 active and inactive records using OmniRIM Enterprise Web Edition Software. Using this powerful system to its full advantage,  the County hosts records for other member municipalities. In return, these member municipalities pay an annual maintenance fee to the County, and contributed to the initial license fee. It is a win-win situation: the County of Middlesex is able to further reduce its operating costs, while the member municipalities are able to store their own active and inactive files, and also share the use of OmniRIM Records Management Software, and server costs.

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