The Challenge

Pathmark needed more agility in human resources records management

The Solution

Access’ document management platform for Human Resources, CartaHR, as well as off-site storage

The Results

  • Reduced storage costs
  • Added ability to more easily eliminate unnecessary files
  • Secured, controlled document accessibility

About Pathmark

Industry: Supermarkets
Company Size: Enterprise 1000+ employees
Location: New Jersey, United States

“Access’ Web-based document imaging solution has extended secure desktop access to employees in multiple locations, so now our department can concentrate on other critical tasks. We can retrieve documents faster, and because the Web interface is so easy to use there was no learning curve. Best of all, outsourcing to Access has taken our department out of the hardware/software business.” Kathy Cerritto, Manager of Associate Relations

A Challenge of Scale

Pathmark Stores, Inc. (NASDAQ: PTMK) operates 143 supermarkets, primarily in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Pathmark was using one human resources department to handle records management, storage, and retrieval for 143 supermarkets. That same department was handling a nonfoods warehouse and two administrative facilities. It came down to this: Three HR individuals were responsible for providing service to more than 28,000. Not only was the sheer volume of HR-related records steadily growing to unmanageable proportions, but also, the company’s in-house records management system was in desperate need of costly hardware and software upgrades. As an added strain on the facility’s limited HR staff, in-house scanning was labor intensive and image retrieval was an extremely time consuming, multi-step process. When creating an internal network to share documentation proved to be overly complex, Pathmark called Access.

“Access’ Web-based document imaging solution has extended secure desktop access to employees in multiple locations, so now our department can concentrate on other critical tasks.”Kathy Cerritto, Manager of Associate Relations

How Access Closed the Gap

In a direct cost comparison between upgrading Pathmark’s in-house system and taking advantage of Access’ comprehensive, hosted records management services, Access won hands-down — especially when considering projected long-term savings. A tour of Access’ facilities revealed a level of quality, workflow, and business continuity that could not be cost-effectively replicated in house. The decision was made: Access would provide Pathmark with comprehensive image hosting services, including off-site document conversion and storage, as well as the migration of the company’s antiquated imaging solution to the Access’ hosted imaging solution. As a result, Pathmark now divides its HR workload among 30 individuals in three locations. Questions are answered sooner. Problems are solved faster. Key individuals can focus on maintaining and increasing operational efficiencies in other areas and providing higher levels of service to Pathmark employees.

Now, users instantly access employee records and view them while using the existing HR database. This innovative solution has enabled Pathmark to manage employee relations in real-time, without hours or days of delay in retrieving information.

Managing Records the Access Way

Access delivers an unprecedented level of quality assurance that yields time and cost savings without occupying Pathmark staff. Without investing in hardware, software, or technology of any kind, Pathmark gained significant business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities that are inherent to the Access infrastructure.

Using Access’ hosted imaging solution, Pathmark’s HR department more efficiently processes several hundred employee records per day. The solution also offers the scalability to easily extend the use of Pathmark’s HR database to include additional information such as job descriptions and employee reviews. Going forward, Pathmark can reduce storage costs by more easily tracking and eliminating unnecessary files. Pathmark has increased efficiencies company-wide by extending secure, limited access to the company’s HR department from all 143 store locations via the Access’ Web-based document imaging solution. This has enabled Pathmark’s Benefits department to take advantage of secure document retrieval via this solution as well. As a result of the system’s success, Pathmark is currently evaluating the needs of other departments to determine how they could also benefit from using the hosted imaging solution and other services from Access.

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