Access Your Stored Records on Demand

Get virtual file access on demand to any files or records you have stored in an Access facility.

Document digitization and digital delivery is a great alternative to receiving your files physically. Your employees can work remotely while still being able to access business-critical information. Virtual document management keeps your people and your records safe.

records on demand - virtual document storage

How Does Document Scan on Demand Work?

Our scan on demand service gives you secure, near-real-time access to any files you have stored at an Access document storage facility.

Much like how you request physical document delivery today, you can request digital files to be delivered to you instead by using FileBRIDGE’s virtual document management. The process goes like this:

  1. Records managers or employees with credentials log into your business’ Access FileBRIDGE® account and select the records they want.
  2. Our on-site records center employees retrieve the files you’re looking for, scans them, and uploads them to your FileBRIDGE portal.
  3. The requestor is notified that their digitally transformed documents are ready.
  4. The requestor logs into FileBRIDGE to securely access and download their files—just like they would download a bank statement online. Documents are provided in PDF file format.
  5. The FileBRIDGE document management system links all PDFs to their physical file inventory, making them easy to find in the future.
  6. All files remain associated with your inventory, providing additional savings the next time you need the same file. There is no cost to retrieve it again because it will already be there for you.

A graphic depicting how Access's Digital Delivery service works

Records on Demand Services: A Cost-Effective, Greener, and Low-Contact Approach

Digital document delivery is similar to physical delivery, but with several additional benefits.

  • Files on demand typically a less expensive option since it avoids transportation fees associated with delivering and picking up a file.
  • Online records management and access are better for the environment. No physical delivery means no trucks on the road emitting greenhouse gasses.
  • Reduce your spend and environmental impact even more if:
    • Your records are stored in multiple locations.
    • You have high-volume document access needs.
  • You’ll maintain business process continuity with on-demand access to all your important documents, and practice necessary social distancing.

We handle documents for 30,000 businesses across North America.

Are you ready for remote, online, on-demand document access from anywhere?