Benefit from less paper and easier access to information

While some paper documents need to be stored for several years in order to maintain compliance with state and federal regulations, the majority of active business documents and legacy records can be digitized for better accessibility and to unlock the value of that information. Embracing this approach can help your company remain competitive and better meet the needs of your customers in today’s increasingly “immediate” economy.

At Access, we guide thousands of customers towards a more digital office through customized document scanning and conversion projects. Whether you have a large backfile scanning need as part of a broader digital transformation initiative, require faster document retrieval through scan-on-demand, or have recurring scanning and digital retrieval as part of your business processes, our project team can guide you through a planning and implementation that will help you reach your goals.

We guarantee minimal disruption to your business, enabling users to access documents throughout their digital transformation projects. In addition, document management software solutions, like Perceptive Content by Hyland, other Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platforms for enterprise-wide business processes, or a platform like CartaHR for HR-specific document management, when paired with appropriate day-forward scanning processes, can automate your business process work flows and improve your enterprise productivity.

Document scanning and imaging can help you:

  • Get more value out of your enterprise documents
  • Consolidate information across geographic locations and departments
  • Reduce redundancies and improve document search/retrieval processes
  • Enable secure file sharing wherever and whenever necessary
  • Meet complex regulatory obligations through classification, digital retrieval and compliance monitoring
  • Reduce risk through adherence to retention schedules
  • Free up valuable real estate for more strategic use
  • Preserve documents that may be deteriorating