Using AccessREPORTS and AccessMETRICS, clients who store their physical records with us can leverage the value of their information in FileBRIDGE Records.


AccessREPORTS provide you with a fast, efficient and secure way to manage and control your physical records stored with Access. This new functionality gives Access clients seven report templates, including reports for our three most requested sets of information: Inventory Reports, Destruction Eligible Items and Lists of Authorized Users.

Key Features:

  • Customize reports by setting time frames and other choices to suit your needs.
  • Ensure information security, as the reports can only be accessed within the secure FileBRIDGE portal.
  • Export and download the reports directly to your computer so they can be shared or used as needed.

AccessREPORTS is easy to use! The reports can be run by you without having to call Client Support to request the data.



Make smart business decisions by analyzing your information. AccessMETRICS provides you with direct access to your valuable data, and analytics about the records you maintain with Access, whenever you need it.

AccessMETRICS is included with FileBRIDGE Records and can be accessed via the client portal.

Your information is secure, accessible and in your control!

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