Records Management Solutions for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As)

Processes and procedures in the event of a merger or acquisition require strict regulatory compliance. In addition, mergers and acquisitions demand the thorough and accurate assessment and transitioning (“normalizing”) of all customer data, account information, loan portfolios and other records into the prevailing institution’s format. For those reasons, forward-thinking organizations considering the consolidation of existing divisions, or the acquisition of new locations, need to ensure they have a comprehensive records management process in place.


Access has the earned experience to aid banks in the M&A process to ensure smooth transitions without compromising information security.

With world-class facilities and powerful technologies and analytics, we can securely and reliably manage both physical and digital assets while mitigating concerns about data integrity and regulatory requirements.

  • Ensure all records are classified and assigned a retention schedule.
  • Establish a secure document destruction plan for outdated or unnecessary documents.
  • Streamline processes through document scanning and indexing solutions.
  • Remain prepared in the event of an audit with comprehensive and current files.

For more information on how Access can help with your M&A records management, contact us today. We understand your need for secure, flexible and scalable solutions, and our experts will work closely with you to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and ensure you enjoy only
the very best service.