Secure Document Storage: Safe, Smart, and Accessible

Documents are central to business transactions that occur every day. Even in today’s digital age, most organizations need to retain physical documents.

Businesses are looking for more flexible storage solutions. That requires smarter records management tools and offsite storage services. That requires Access.

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Local Records Centers with Management Technology

With over 90 climate controlled, secure storage facilities, across 37 U.S. states and 10 Canadian provinces, we have a location convenient to your business. Our team is dedicated to customer service, providing the local touch you deserve, at the scale you need.

Find a Storage Location Near You

Access means full-service records management, not just offsite storage.

Our records management system lets you:

  • Save physical space
  • Organize physical and electronic records
  • Protect your assets for the full document lifecycle
  • Control your flow of information
  • Grant easy access to the right employees and stakeholders
  • Maintain full regulatory compliance no matter your industry
Access Records Management Document Delivery
Access Records Storage Facility

State of the art storage facilities with physical & digital security.

Our records centers and vaults are PRISM Privacy+ Certified and offer advanced security and fire suppression technology and protection from natural disasters.

Our end-to-end security features starts with the first pickup.

  • Portable hand-held scanners that provide point-to-point tracking and chain of custody
  • Barcode-based container-and tape-level inventory tracking
  • Secure vehicles and highly trained transportation specialists
  • High security buildings with restricted access
  • 24/7 emergency services

24/7 Access with FileBRIDGE Records Management Software

The demand for information across your enterprise never slows down. FileBRIDGE puts your records program at the tips of your fingers no matter where you or your documents are located. FileBRIDGE is more than document management. It’s about understanding how frequently different content types are accessed, placing secure shred bins for optimal compliance while reducing costs and leveraging program information to align with core business goals.

Learn more about FileBRIDGE Records

FileBRIDGE Records gives you full control to manage and govern your secure file storage.

  • Simple search and retrieve functions
  • Sophisticated report-generation tool
  • Easy user interface
  • Chain-of-custody reports for better compliance
  • Instant service and records request
Records Management Software FileBRIDGE Demo

Rapid Document Delivery

You need more than electronic access. You need rapid access to your physical documents. Our national reach is combined with local service. With over 90 facilities, servicing the U.S. and Canada, we have an offsite records storage location convenient to your business.

  • Physical and electronic delivery of documents
  • Priority rush delivery
  • Scan-on-demand services

Complete Records Lifecycle Management

Some documents need to be kept forever. Some reach the end of their lifecycle and need to be destroyed. We have secure defensible destruction methods that meet all regulatory standards and keep you safe.

Certified, secure document destruction is part of record management protection. It’s part of our promise to you.

Specialized Secure Storage Services

Is your information not stored on paper? We also have the ability to maintain the integrity and value of your vital files by storing magnetic tape backups, medical x-rays, historical film and photographs in a secure Access vault.

For more specialized secure storage needs, learn about our Off-Site Tape Vaults and Underground Vaults.

Records Management & Storage Facilities for Your Industry

Every industry is different. Every field has its own regulations and standards. Your records management that keeps you in total compliance saves you money, prevents headaches, and protects your reputation.

Access has the experience and expertise to keep your information locked down, your clients protected, and your proprietary data secure. We do more than keep you compliant. We keep you safe.

Some of the industries we serve include:

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John Chendo - Access, President and Co-Founder

Store Your Physical and Electronic Documents with Access

More than 30,000 businesses rely on Access for document storage and records management.
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